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Copper Mountain Governance

Copper Mountain Resort stretches the length of a high alpine valley at the base of Copper Mountain in the Central Rockies. The beginnings of present day Copper Mountain started in 1972 with the opening of a few lifts, trails and buildings all built by Copper Mountain’s founder Chuck Lewis.

In addition to developing Copper Mountain into one of the premier ski resorts in the country, Chuck Lewis focused his attention on transforming the valley into a resort community. Chuck, anticipating the needs of Copper’s home owners and commercial stakeholders, created four distinct organizations to provide community services to meet the needs of the emerging resort as well as those of a fully realized community. These four entities are: The Copper Mountain Water and Sanitation, The Copper Mountain Metropolitan District, The Property Owners and Leases Associations (POLA) and The Copper Mountain Resort Association.

Although there have been some structural and governance modifications, the main functions of these organizations remain true to their original intent.

The following paragraphs provide a summary of these organizations, what they were created to do and what their main functions are today. Links are also provided to each organization web site.

The Copper Mountain Water and Sanitation District was created in 1972. The Copper Mountain Metropolitan District was created in 1975. These two organizations were merged together in 1995 to create the Copper Mountain Consolidated Metropolitan District. Today, the primary services provided by the Consolidated Metro District are: emergency fire, medical, and related services; cable television and internet services; park land and open space maintenance services; snowplowing services; and governmental administration services, including protection of the public health, safety, and general welfare. In addition to the services currently provided, the Consolidated Metro District is authorized by State Statute to provide transportation, security, and covenant enforcement services.

The main revenue sources to pay for district services are: property taxes; water and sewer fees; and cable television fees. The District is governed by a five member Board of Directors, who are elected to staggered, four year terms by District Voters in May of even numbered years. A District Voter is either (1) a person who owns property in the District and is a registered voter in the State of Colorado; or (2) a person who has resided in the District for at least 30 days and is a registered voter in Summit County. The District is managed by a Manager appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.

The Property Owners and Leases Associations (POLA) is a non-profit corporation which was formed for two purposes:

1) To serve as a representative body of persons holding real property interests in Copper Mountain, and,

2) To provide community services such as: operations and maintenance of roadways, recreational facilities, open space and stream easements, transportation, fire, security and the creation and enforcement employee housing rules and regulations.

Today, POLA’s most active focus is its Employee housing function, which ensures that the rules as created and implement by POLA and as approved by Summit County Government are adhered to by the individual unit owners. If owners do not adhere to policy, POLA has the ability to put liens against the owner in default.

To generate funds to fulfill its purposes, POLA has the authority to assess and collect from its members annually. “POLA may do everything necessary, suitable or proper for the accomplishment of any of its corporate purposes.”

All Board members are elected yearly. Board complement is from three to nine members. All property owners are eligible to vote.

The Copper Mountain Resort Association, is a non-profit entity created to represent all property owners to engage in any act or activity including, but without limitation: to serve as a representative body of persons having interest in the development of Copper Mountain as a recreational vacation area and undertake programs to promote the resort for the benefit and common interests, such as; develop a central reservations system, advertise and put on major promotional events, solicitation of group and convention business and any services and benefits which the Board of Directors determines will benefit its members or non-members doing business with individual members.

Today the main functions of the Copper Mountain Resort Association are: to help drive commerce to its businesses and support the efforts of its stakeholders to increase value of their investments.

The Copper Mountain Resort Association has the authority to assess and collect from its members to fulfill its purpose.

The seven board members are voted to serve two year terms by the membership, four members on odd years and three members on even years. The number of votes for each member is equal to the amount of dues paid each year, i.e., one vote for each dollar paid.

The Village at Copper Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation which was established in 2002 and operates as a Master Property and Business Association for all buildings, business and common areas that are within the Village at Copper. The Village at Copper’s functions and responsibilities include items such as infrastructure maintenance (snow and garbage removal, landscaping, street maintenance and repair, exterior lighting, sound, etc.), infrastructure and capital improvements, security, activities, marketing and events and any other activity that the organization and its stakeholders feel will benefit the value and investment of its stakeholders.

Funds to support the Village at Copper are derived from surcharge assessments, general assessments, resort parcel fees, real-estate transfer assessments, and activity and event revenues.

The seven board members serve two year terms, three members represent the “residential” stakeholder base, three members represent the “commercial” stakeholder base and one member is, “resort at large.” All members are eligible to vote on all issues except, only residential members can vote for residential board members and only commercial members can vote for commercial board members. One residential and one commercial board member are elected on even years, the remainder on odd years.

The number of votes for each member is equal to the number of square footage owned, i.e., one square foot equals on vote.

In 2007 the Copper Mountain Resort Association and the Village at Copper came to agreement whereby the Village at Copper manages the business and affairs of the Copper Mountain Resort Association, in effect merging the mission, directives and operations of both entities. Two separate boards remain with the Executive Director reporting to both boards.